Ralph Lauren Polo – A Timeless Fragrance


Any individual who has the chance to get a whiff of Ralph Lauren Polo definitely understands the brand’s serious take on outdoor fragrances. This brand is well known around the world, and it is no big surprise how it became a household name in the fashion industry.

This brand has been in the industry of fragrances since 1967, and released its first collection for the original Polo in 1978. Ralph Lauren fragrance collection includes Dual Black, Polo Blue, Red, White and Blue, Silver, Purple Labeled, Ralph Lauren Polo Polo Sports, Polo and of course, the Safari. The latest name in its list is the Polo Explorer, released in 2007.

The Ralph Lauren Polo is over 30 years in the business, yet it still appeals to off-spring fragrances. The scent is ideal for men in their late twenties, and remains as one of the top 15 fragrances for men in the United States today. Why? This collection contains basil, rose, chamomile, amber, Artemisia, carnation, bergamot, and juniper berry, cumin, jasmine, pine needle, geranium, musk, thyme, tobacco, leather, cedar, moss, patchouli and frankincense. Now that is quite a handful list of ingredients, which sounds far from being old.

The thing about Ralph Lauren Polo fragrance is that, its vibrant scent stirs interest and blows out most mainstreams and niches, particularly those under the male fragrances of the eau (de toilette).

The modern formula of the collection gets rid of the intense, bursting green notes, and replaced it with timeless ingredients. With these ingredients, it is not surprising how this particular scent became a favourite choice for summer. If you want a simple, fresh and clean look, then apply this cologne to polish your work.

The smell can be described as earthy, spicy, woody, and the kind of smell that you usually choose to wear in the afternoon or at night. Men fragrances under this collection can be extremely strong and manly, and so it is advisable to spray just enough to stir your senses.

The packaging is quite simple. It comes with a dark blue glass and metallic silver as top. As the brand speaks for itself, Ralph Lauren is highly recognised for its scents rather than for lovely decorative bottles. The bottle is a great complement to the fragrance inside.

The fragrance is sold at a fairly pretty decent price for the quality of the scent that you get. You can find lots of good choices in cheap perfume online stores and discounted perfume retail sites. Sample a whiff of Ralph Lauren Polo and buy your man this rather strong scent that could last all night long.

Men’s Polo Shirts – The Perfect Transitional Garment


There are few items that you can wear every day, regardless of the season, that never seem to lose their street credibility. The polo shirt is one of them. A fashion classic, the garment has gained a major following among many trend-setting communities.

Let’s take a look at how the item came to be known as a polo shirt and how it soon gained its ground around the world.

Another name for the polo shirt – the tennis shirt – gives a lot away about its origins. Pioneered by Rene Lacoste in the late 1920s, the French tennis champion designed the garment to replace classic tennis whites (long-sleeved white button-up shirts, flannel trousers and ties) with something a lot more appropriate and comfortable for players. His fame grew with the help of his logo, the now famous Crocodile. After retiring from his career in tennis, Lacoste teamed up with a clothing merchandiser to push the shirt in European and North American markets. Gradually, polo players overtook the trend as their previous attire was also found to be outdated and unsuited to games.

In the 1970s, Ralph Lauren produced his version of the shirt that further spread its international acclaim.

Nowadays, tennis shirts are widely used in uniforms due to their smart casual appearance. School children sport polo shirts with their school’s logo, as do workers in the retail industry. As it’s seen as a smarter alternative to the classic T-shirt, the polo can be worn to occasions that adhere to the smart casual dress code.

Learn how to style a tennis shirt for any season, be it a particularly chilly winter or a pleasantly sunny summer.

Autumn and Winter

In the chillier months of the year, polo shirts are great for layering. Ralph Lauren Canada Team the shirt with a V-neck woolen jumper or a long-sleeved jersey shirt. Its collar will look great peeking out. Wear the ensemble with a pair of chinos or smart jeans and throw on a tweed or woolen coat with accessories such as a scarf or knitted hat. Finish of the look with a pair of sturdy leather brogues or boots.

Spring and Summer

In the spring and summer season, tennis shirts look excellent both with long trousers and shorts. Choose a striped polo shirt and team it with shorts in a block colour. Wear with flip flops for a casual, beach style look or team with classic tennis shoes or plimsolls for prim and preppy chic that ladies love.


Polo Shirts – From Tennis to Today!


The very popular short-sleeved, collared polo shirt has led an illustrious and active life. Originally developed in 1926 by tennis pro Rene Lacoste of the famous Lacoste brand of fashions, the design came about from his desire to have a less restricting garment in which to play tennis. From tennis, the polo shirt which was then appropriately called the tennis shirt, become a favorite of polo players and assumed the name of that sport a bit further down the road. Almost as a natural sequence, the design went onto golf and from then began to spread all over, Ralph Lauren Polo shirts becoming a favorite for use in playing any kind of sport while still looking very fashionable.

From Then to Now

Until Lacoste’s breakthrough, tennis was played in a long-sleeved cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He fashioned the new shirt style for himself, then later put the design into production since it was so comfortable. The sport of polo adopted the design and later, John Brooks of Brooks Brothers clothing added the buttoned-down collar, its purpose being to keep it from flapping in the players faces during a contest or game, giving birth to the garment as it is known today.

Versatile, comfortable and trendy, this garment began showing up in every way, shape and form in the 1950′s, with its use for sports activities at the top of the list. Tennis players even began calling it a polo shirt despite the fact that the garment was initially created for the game of tennis and the name seemed to be more popular. Originally made for comfort and functionality, it has progressed from sports to fashion while becoming an acceptable staple in many wardrobes of both men and women.


Currently, every major clothing brand makes a polo shirt of some kind; they are very popular garments to be embroidered, typically in the upper left-hand chest area which is pretty much synonymous with this particular garment. Lacoste’s infamous embroidered alligator appeared on that very first shirt and is still there. Other clothing manufacturers that were making these garments immediately followed suit by applying their own designs, such as the polo player on a Ralph Lauren garment and the sailboat on Nautica branded shirts.


Usually made from polyester or a blended mix of cotton and polyester, these garments are economical, durable and stylish in many environments and for many uses. They are easy to keep clean, do not require pressing, and are great for throwing on for a casual or “preppy” look that is not too dressy nor too relaxed. Most of all, polo shirts are just about the most comfortable type of clothing in which to be active – and that was its original purpose.

Besides still retaining a prominent presence in the sports world, in the current fashion world these garments are used for everything from work uniforms to school and collegiate attire. Personalization is easily done with either embroidery or silk screening which provides a great means for creating brand recognition. Of course, many people wear them simply for style as they are available in a rainbow of colors and patterns that can satisfy almost any taste. This garment has certainly evolved from its ‘tennis shirt’ days and is quite possibly the most popular shirt of all times other than the T-shirt!

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